May '21

Thanks to all who submitted manuscripts for consideration. The readers are still working their way through many of the manuscripts and, if you haven't already heard from us, you will in the coming weeks.

The variety of themes and voices was exciting. 

In the coming weeks we will have news of our next publication, a first collection of poems from a

Kilkenny based writer. 

Thank you to those who submitted their fifty word pieces on the theme

'April is the Cruelest Month'.

Congratulations to Irene Crawley whose work is published below. 


April is the Cruelest Month

You planted the daffodils the week before you died,

And no man has solved this mystery, and many great men have tried,

Why with every April shower your daffodils raise their heads,

Yet an ocean of all man’s tears will never raise the dead.

Irene Crawley