July '21

50 Word Submission to our newsletter

  In The Summertime


Tarmac bubbles and windows gasp,

The smell of grass and charcoal in the air.

Small hands reach for passing butterflies.

First love toasted with cans of cheap cider.

Mowing done, two worn deckchairs beckon.

Laughter rises above thin wooden fences

And joins in harmony in a cloudless sky.


Niamh Donnellan


It's been a busy time at The Harvest Press and we have finally completed the reading of, and responses to, the many manuscripts which were submitted in January. Thank you to the readers and, most importantly, to the writers. 

Carlow Creatives


The Harvest Press has been selected as one of the Carlow Creatives team. This means that we are working with mentor, Mary Carthy to develop our business, particularly in the areas of marketing and media. We do hope that you will connect with us on our new Instagram page @theharvestpressireland.