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Frequently asked questions


Our publishing list is currently full for 2021 and 2022. We are really
looking forward to January 2022 when we will be open for submissions for publication in

How do I submit my work?

Submissions are accepted by e-mail only. Please send three chapters or ten poems of a completed work. For fiction and non-fiction the chapters need not be consecutive. Please also include a full synopsis of the book in no more than two pages. We would love to hear a little about yourself, your writing, your influences and why you think your work would fit with our ethos.

Submissions will be open during January 2022. Please do not submit before or after that period as we won’t be able to read your work.

What do accept and not accept for submission?

We accept fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We don’t accept children’s books, art books, crime, teenage-fiction or science-fiction.

What should I do before submitting?

Finish your book. Have it proof read. Let the manuscript do justice to your work. Don’t submit too soon. The old advice about putting your manuscript away for a period of time before re-reading and re-drafting is solid guidance.

Should I submit to more than one publisher/agent.

Yes, yes, yes. The more you submit, the greater your chance of being published.

Do I need to have an agent?

Not for submitting to us. If you are fortunate enough to have an agent to promote your work, it makes the writing life easier. A good agent is a good proof-reader and editor, among other things.

Will you read my submission?

Yes. Absolutely; if you follow the submission guidelines.

Why would you reject my work?

We are a small publishing house, producing no more than two to three books per year. If we don’t accept your work, please don’t assume that it’s not of value or a story worth telling. We are constrained by finances and scale. We may not be in a position to publish some really good books. Keep sending your work out and don’t despair!

Will you provide feedback on my submission?

Unfortunately, as we are both working writers, we won’t be in a position to provide extensive feedback but we will, where possible make general suggestions about your work.

How long will I have to wait for a response?

Our submission period is limited to January of each year. You should expect to hear from us no later than the following June.

What format should I use for submission?

Times New Roman, 12 point with 1.5 spacing.

Again, e-mail submission only, we will not read printed manuscripts.

Where do I send my submission?

E-mail your submission to during January 2022.

Please write ’submission from (your name)’ in the subject box.

Please do not submit via the website - send your work by e-mail to

Is there any particular type of voice that you favour?

We welcome all voices. We have a particular interest in small books (by this we mean short books). We are enthusiastic about encouraging new writers.

Do I need to be active on social media to be considered for publication?


Is there anything else I should know?

We are greatly dependent on arts grants to support the work we do. If we are considering your work, we may discuss the option of applying/involving your local arts office in part financing the publication.

Any other advice?

We are both working writers. We know the pitfalls, the small successes and the great rejections and the difficulties of continuing to write when the world doesn’t seem interested in your work. Don’t despair and don’t invest all of your writing life in one book. Don’t judge your ability as a writer by the success or otherwise of a single work. Take every opportunity you can to write. The more you write and read the better your writing will be. Write letters, blogs, obituaries, articles for newspapers and magazines, join a writing group. Attend workshops, readings and festivals. Enter competitions (if they are free), write for radio, film and theatre. Most of all, be disciplined in your writing – take your work seriously. Writing should be more than a hobby.

Don’t be afraid to submit your work – if it fits with our guidelines.

Please attach your work in a WORD DOC format including your synopsis, cover letter and manuscript in one document.